Information Security

 is no longer a

CIA model


Even Information Security can be built in a modular approach

Information Assurance
Needs to Protect the Information Owner
 as much as the Information Asset


Total Information Assurance Approach

Total Information Assurance recognizes that information assurance has three distinct dimensions namely the technical, legal and behavioural aspects. The integration of these three facets of Information Security is the distinctiveness of the TIA approach.

The TIA approach goes beyond the traditional IPR protection or Privacy Protection concepts or the Training and Awareness concepts used by traditional IS professionals and extends each of the legal and people concepts to their logical end of "Cyber Law Compliance" and "Making People Behave in a Secure Manner".

This section explores Naavi's "Theory of IS Motivation" and  any other approach dedicated towards integrating the three dimensions of IA.

A general description of TIA and how it manifests into a framework amenable for modular implementation is available in this article titled Total Information Assurance For Modular Implementation.