Information Security

 is no longer a

CIA model


Even Information Security can be built in a modular approach

Information Assurance
Needs to Protect the Information Owner
 as much as the Information Asset


Technical Aspects in TIA

Total Information Assurance recognizes that technical aspects of security is the fundamental part of Information assurance. It is the traditional concept of using technology to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and non repudiation.

This section explores the technical aspects of Information assurance which is well developed and there are multiple standards for implementation.


Dec 23: ICL as a first step to IA program: Details

Dec 2: GOI has placed the responsibility of countering the security risks arising out of Huwei and ZTE supplies as indicated in the recent US intelligence agencies on the Telcos. Details

Nov 30: BYOD-An antidote from Vodafone