Information Security

 is no longer a

CIA model


Even Information Security can be built in a modular approach

Information Assurance
Needs to Protect the Information Owner
 as much as the Information Asset


Legal Aspects in TIA

Total Information Assurance recognizes that implementation of Information Security has to comply the prescriptions of law. Hence study of Cyber Laws is part of the TIA approach.

The laws may be of the ITA 2008 type which talks about Digital Contracts, Authentication of Digital Documents, Cyber Crimes etc. They may also be of the type of  DPA covering specific aspects of Information such as the Data Security or Privacy. They may also be of the type of GLBA or HIPAA addressing specific sectors or regulations such as GGWG guidelines for Banks covering specific prescriptions from industry bodies.

This section explores the impact of Cyber Laws on information assurance and how the Legal risks need to be addressed in an information assurance program.


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