Information Security

 is no longer a

CIA model


Even Information Security can be built in a modular approach

Information Assurance
Needs to Protect the Information Owner
 as much as the Information Asset


Behavioural Aspects in TIA

Total Information Assurance recognizes that Information Security/Assurance has to be implemented by human beings and for use of the human beings. This "Human" element brings with it the peculiarities of human behaviour.

Different humans may behave differently for the same stimuli. Similarly the same human may behave differently at different points of time for the same stimuli.

In implementing any IS/IA control there is therefore the unpredictability associated with the humans and hence motivating people in an organization or community for achieving IA objectives requires management of the behavioral pattern of humans. Study of this is part of the TIA.

This is an emerging social science and "Cyber Sociology", "Cyber Psychology" etc are parts of this study. This section of the site tries to explore this area.


December 24:

Vulnerabilities in Human Space