Information Security

 is no longer a

CIA model


Even Information Security can be built in a modular approach

Information Assurance
Needs to Protect the Information Owner
 as much as the Information Asset


about us

Ujvala Consultants Private Ltd is a company promoted by Na.Vijayashankar, more popularly known as Naavi. He is the founder of and associate sites.

Naavi is a pioneer in Cyber Law education in the country and has introduced several innovative services such as Cyber Evidence Archival Center (, Online Arbitration (, Online Cyber Law Education ( etc.

Naavi is also one of the leading HIPAA consultants in India and has developed unique frameworks for compliance and audit of compliance of ITA 2008 and Gopalakrishna working Group (GGWG) recommendations on E banking security.

Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd provides HIPAA, ITA 2008 and GGWG compliance consultancy and audits.